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Shipping Policy

The total delivery time is inclusive of processing time and shipping time.

Processing Time

The processing time is the time taken by Sunargi to process and pack your order, this time may vary from 4 days to 7 days at maximum. Processing time differs from product to product, some products can be shipped out within 24 hours while some products like customized or engraved products might take up to 7 days to finish being processed.

Shipping Time

The shipping time is the time taken by the courier service provider to deliver the order to you after picking it up from us. Shipping time differs from region to region and country to country.

Delivery Charges

Sunargi does not charge you for the shipping expenses incurred on the delivery of your order. Sunargi offers free shipping on every order irrespective of its value and the delivery location.

Tracking An Order

Sunargi will send you a tracking code in an email as soon as the shipment is picked up by the courier service provider.