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Who Buys Engagement Rings? Men or Women? – Gender Comparison in Engagement Ring Shopping.

Who Buys Engagement Rings? Men or Women?

Who Buys Engagement Rings

There might be many jewelry blogs on the web but ever thought of Who Buys Engagement Rings the most? Of course Mens, most of them must be thinking. But no it’s not true as per recent survey 20% of American Women are buying their own engagement rings. Well, they need Men to do that anymore. Haha, not kidding but this is true. The numbers have doubled from the previous survey it was 7% last time.

Although Men still buy it for the women they love, they should because they are the only one to propose first as usual. Now let’s see what men and women think or act while buying engagement rings for themselves or each other.

Below I will bifurcate in detail about who buys engagement rings the most? Is it Men or Women?

Early Ring Hints

Who Buys Engagement Rings? Men Vs Women? - Early Ring Hints.

Women – According to our survey, we found out that 70% of Women dropped ring hints to their loved ones.

Men – While 57% of couples discussed and loved to choose their dream ring together.

What’s the Conclusion? – Women are more keen to drop ring hints to their male partners, and it’s not that common if men will drop it first or not. Either both will dream of it together or women have to show signs for the ring she desires to have.

What’s Most Important?

Who Buys Engagement Rings? Men Vs Women? - Early Ring Hints

While asked both men and women both showed their interest in engagement ring design.

Women – We asked Women about what’s most important thing while buying the engagement ring, 49% replied that they choose the ring by its design.

Men – When Same question was asked to Men, 30% agreed with Women that ring design is most important while buying engagement rings.

What’s The Conclusion? – So at this point, we can say that women are smart and they do prefer to check the design of the ring before buying because that does matter. While only a few men agree with their soulmate with the design rest they don’t think it’s important while buying it.

What’s the least Important?

Who Buys Engagement Rings? Men or Women? - What's The Least Important?

If you think diamond size is still important then you are wrong, both Men and Women think diamond size is least important before buying engagement ring.

Women – Women shows the least interest in big diamonds, isn’t this shocking but yes its true only 6% of women say they would like to have a big diamond in their engagement ring.

Men – Men sounds quite interesting than women but their numbers were low too. Only 8 % agreed that they will prefer a huge diamond before purchasing an engagement ring.

What’s the conclusion? – Here we can say that Mens were a bit higher than women in terms of buying a big carat diamond ring. But as per the survey, both think that it is least important to think of a diamond size before purchasing an engagement ring.

Ring Shopping

Who Buys Engagement Rings? Men or Women? - Ring Shopping.

Women – Most of the women don’t shop on their own they take Men along with them to buy rings. As per our survey for ring shopping, 33% of couples shop together to buy an engagement ring.

Men – According to our survey on Ring shopping Men prefer to buy a ring for their partner on their own. 66% of men buy engagement rings for their girls on their own.

What’s the Conclusion? – Of course, Mens keep it a secret and Women loves surprises. Mens rank is higher in terms of buying engagement rings to propose engagement.

Who Pays?

Who Buys Engagement Rings? Men or Women? - Who Pays?

Women -20% of Women prefer to buy an engagement ring on their own. They don’t have to rely on men to buy a diamond ring for themselves.

Men – But Obvious 80% of Men pay for engagement ring to impress their partner. Whether their partner knows or they don’t Men are paying for the engagement ring in all the scenarios.

What’s The Conclusion? – Not saying Men have to lose their money but it’s for sure they have to do it if they want to win the heart of their life partner. They need to make sure it will be perfect so they spend money on it. Also, keeping it a secret is most important here that’s why they have to buy a diamond ring on their own. Hence, Men contributes the most when it comes to paying for engagement ring.

Ring Shopping Satisfaction

Men Vs Women - Ring Shopping Satisfaction

We cannot do this without the involvement of men and women both, So while asked both of them…

Women – 90% of women were with the amount spent by their partner on their engagement ring.

Men – 90% of Men were happy with partner’s level of involvement.

What’s the conclusion? – In this point, we can say that Women love it when they know how much effort their partner has put for them. And Men love to shop ring when they get their partner involved in it.

Wedding Band Cost

Men Vs Women - Wedding Band Cost.

What do you think about whose wedding band will be costlier? let’s check the figures below.

Women – But for sure on an average wedding for a women costs around $1,126.

Men – While it comes to men the average cost of a wedding band for men is only $491.

What’s The Conclusion? – Whoops! Definitely, women’s wedding bands will be costly and Mens wedding bands will be cheaper if compared to women.

So Who Buys Engagement Rings the most? Men or Women?

Final Conclusion: Yes, of course, it is men who buy engagement rings the most. But women are not behind men, Modern women are staying highly independent and tend to shop rings on their own. And chances are there that these numbers would go up.

Thank you for reading this blog guy, I will write more about engagement rings and jewelry if you loved this one and find it informative then you can leave other topics in comments on which I will write further. Yup, Sunargi offers a wide range of wedding bands and engagement rings for both men and women. So you can check our collection here and own some brilliant pieces for your partner. Happy Shopping!!!

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